MineLab F3 / F3 UXO handheld metal detector offers superior metallic and low-metallic target detection in the most challenging soil conditions.

Unparalleled Performance

The MineLab F3 / F3 UXO is the premier handheld detector to locate buried high metal and low-metallic mines, weapons caches, UXO, ERW, and IED components. Numerous metal detector evaluation conducted by the United States Government and reputable non-governmental organizations have consistently demonstrated that the F3 / F3 UXO has the highest detection and lowest false alarm rates among the top metal detector manufacturers. The F3 / F3 UXO’s industry leading pulse induction Bi-Polar Multi-Period Sensing and Ground Balance technologies give it a distinct advantage over the competition. These technologies enable operators to not only achieve the highest metal detection sensitivity but also to eliminate false alarms caused by mineralized soil – without reducing performance. Almost all detectors perform well in dry, sandy soil but the F3 / F3 UXO simply performs the best in the most challenging soil conditions. See detector evaluations.

Key Features

  • Highly Effective High Metal and Low-Metallic Mine, Weapons Caches, UXO, ERW, and IED Component Detection
  • Extremely High Detection Sensitivity
  • Renowned Ground Balance Eliminates Spurious Alarms Caused by Mineralized Soils
  • Unique Detection Alert Differentiates Metals Commonly Found in Munitions/IEDs (Ferrous Metal) From “Battlefield Trash” (Non-Ferrous Metal) to Reduce Search Time
  • Fast and Accurate Target Pinpointing
  • Simple-To-Use Interface and Operation
  • Ergonomic, Balanced Form Factor
  • Detachable Battery Pack to Extend Operational Use
  • Ruggedized to Military Standards
  • Water Resistance to Nearly 10ft
  • Simplified Repair and Maintenance Process Using Line Replacement Units (LRUs)
  • Minimal Training Required

F3 / F3 UXO Configurations

The F3 comes standard with a 200mm coil which is ideal to identify metallic and low-metallic mines, UXO, and IED components at tactical depths. The F3 UXO is also available with a 440mm coil to detect deeper buried targets. The Light Emitting Diodes feature “L” and customizable sensitivity “S” simply provides operators with additional information and features to optimize the detector for different users and operating environments.


F3L (Light Emitting Diodes):
The F3L includes an LED display and volume controls located on top of the handle assembly.

F3S & F3LS:
The S configuration permits a user to customize
a user to customize the sensitivity of the detector
via a laptop computer. The advantage of the S
configuration is the ability to maximize
detector performance in specific ground conditions,
against a specific mine threat,
and within areas of electromagnetic interference.

F3 UXO: F3 detector
(F3, F3L, or F3LS) fitted
with 440 mm coil enables
detection of deeper buried
metallic mines, weapons caches, and UXO.

Base F3 detector with audio alerts only. 



F3 Compact

superior performance in ruggedized environments

F3 / F3 UXO Users

The F3 / F3 UXO is the preferred metal detector for military and humanitarian organizations conducting demining, UXO cleanup, and Counter-IED (C-IED) operations. The F3 metal detector sensor was selected to be the metal detector sensor in the U.S. Army’s Program of Record dual sensor (metal detector and ground-penetrating radar) handheld detector – the AN/PSS-14. Since 2006, the F3 has been utilized by the U.S. Army, as part of the AN/PSS-14 program, to ensure operators have the best metal detection capability to respond to a broad range of threats in diverse soil conditions throughout the world. The F3 / F3 UXO has also been widely adopted by major humanitarian cleanup organizations conducting cleanup operations in countries including Laos, Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Egypt.

Production Rates

MineLab understands military and humanitarian organizations often need to respond quickly to fulfill urgent requirements. MineLab’s goal is to meet the customer’s schedule rather than ask customers to accommodate a prolonged production schedule. MineLab routinely maintains an F3 / F3 UXO inventory to meet smaller, urgent requests and will rapidly increase production rates, in weeks, not months to fulfill larger quantity requests. Overlapping demand from both military and humanitarian organizations for the F3 / F3 UXO detectors also results in primed production lines and a ready supply of detector components to quickly satisfy your request.

Ruggedization & Maintenance  

The F3 / F3 UXO is designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent military ruggedization standards. The F3 / F3 UXO also consists of Line Replaceable Units (LRU) to allow more field repairs, and significantly reduce costly and time-consuming depot level repairs.

Extremely Competitive Pricing

MineLab offers metals detectors at extremely competitive prices without sacrificing performance and quality.

F3 / F3 UXO Specifications

  • Operating Length: 760mm / 30in – Min., 1500mm / 59.4in – Max.
  • Coil (Standard): 200mm Mono Coil
  • Operating Weight: 3.2kg / 7lbs; F3UXO 3.2kg / 7lbs (F3 UXO 4.1kg / 9lbs)
  • Operating Weight (Battery Pack detached): 2.3kg / 5lbs (F3UXO 3.2kg / 7lbs)
  • Battery Pack with Batteries: 0.9kg / 2lbs
  • Packed Weight (Hard Case): 10.5kg / 23lbs (F3 UXO 17.7kg / 39lbs)
  • Technology: Pulse Induction Bi-Polar Multi Period Sensing
  • Audio Output: Internal Speaker or Headset
  • Battery: 4 x D Cell Alkaline or 4 x D Cell Rechargeable
  • Warranty: 15 Months

F3 / F3 UXO Kit Contents

  • F3 Detector
  • Hard Transport Case
  • Soft Carry Bag
  • Test Piece
  • 4 x D Cell Batteries
  • Low Sensitivity Endcap (Red)
  • Headset
  • Operations Manual and Field Guide


For more details on the MineLab F3 Compact download the documents below: