F3 & F3 UXO Metal Detector

Trailblazing Mine Detection Technology.

Broad Spectrum Detection.

Detects all metal and minimum metal mines at full sensitivity regardless of the mineralized content of soil including:

      • Land Mines
      • Unexploded Ordinance (UXO)

Superior Technology.

  • Industry-leading pulse induction Bi-Polar Multi-Period Sensing and Ground Balance technologies.
  • Enables operators to not only achieve the highest metal detection sensitivity but also to eliminate false alarms caused by mineralized soil.


  • Minimizes risk of initiating magnetic influence mines.
  • Designed to prevent an operator accidentally reducing sensitivity.
  • ‘Confidence Tone’ during operation.
  • Comprehensive Built-In-Test systems to monitor and confirm detector functionality.


  • Selectable sensitivity through use of innovative ‘Sensitivity Endcaps’ capable of detecting all metal and minimum metal mines at full sensitivity.
  • Quickly and accurately pinpointing targets.


F3 L (L ~ Light Emitting Diodes)

The F3 L is a modified F3, which includes an LED display, and volume controls located on top of the handle assembly.

F3 S & F3 LS (S ~ Sensitivity Adjustment)

The F3 S and F3 LS are modified F3 and F3 L detectors. The S configuration permits a user to customize the sensitivity of the detector via a laptop computer using Minelab supplied software. The advantage of the S configuration is the ability to maximize detector performance in specific ground conditions, against a specific mine threat and within areas of electromagnetic interference. The customized sensitivity is only functional when using a dedicated Yellow Endcap.


The F3 UXO is an F3 detector (any configuration) with a 450mm coil suitable for UXO detection and battle area clearance operations.