MineLab STMR Array is a highly effective, modular metal detection system designed to rapidly and reliably detect conventional threats.

Scalable, Vehicle Mounted Detection Solution

STMR Array is a configurable, vehicle mounted metal detection system that provides a reliable, effective, and fast means to detect landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and explosive remnants of war (ERW). It is designed for military and humanitarian organizations conducting route clearance, site remediation, and quality assurance. The flexible system design means that it can be dragged or mounted to the front of a vehicle. The system can also be deployed as a stand-alone system, or integrated with other detection technologies to include ground penetrating radar and thermal imagery. The STMR Array utilizes MineLab’s proven Bi-Polar Pulse Induction technology and is designed to provide consistent sensitivity across the width of sensor head as well as a uniform transmission field to improve target resolution. The system utilizes an easy-to-use windows based software which displays target data to the operator as well as ethernet communications to permit rapid transfer of data to enable real-time processing of information.

Key Features

  • Excellent Detection Depth Against UXO Targets
  • Minimum Metal AP & AT mines Detection, e.g. M14
  • High Accuracy Target Positioning – 20cm (7.9in) Cross Track Resolution
  • Capable of Detecting Targets at Speeds Up to 50km/h
  • Available in Modular Sensor Head Configurations Between 1.8m (5.9ft) and 3.2m (10.5ft)
  • Fast Ethernet Communications
  • Bi-Polar Transmission Helps Defeat Magnetic Influence Mines

Advanced STMR Array

The advanced version of the STMR Array has a dual-coil configuration embedded in a rigid 2.2m (7.2ft) wide structure. Additional capabilities over the standard model include discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous targets and target depth indication. Both the standard and advanced clutter rejection systems have the following proven integration capabilities:

  • High-speed data output for real-time analysis — up to 200 samples per second per channel
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • GPS
  • Infrared Camera
  • Road Wheel
  • Marking System 

Ruggedization & Maintenance

The STMR Array is designed for use in operational environments, and to be unaffected by vehicle vibration, rain, or the effect of mineralized soil. Furthermore, the system is protected against high and low voltage conditions, overheating, overcurrent, and even against internal loom failures. The modular system design permits fast and uncomplicated repairs and is designed for simple field servicing. The system employs a card rack design for quick replacement of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) which further streamlines the repair and maintenance process.